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Gibson Les Paul Studio Guitar

The Gibson Les Paul studio guitar is the best electric guitar for a studio musician. This electric guitar has been around for about 25 years and is one of the most sought after instruments by musicians who play a variety of genres. It is a guitar known for sonic capabilities and amazing harmony. It is a no non-sense guitar without any frills and comes in a cherry red color.
The guitar has a traditional round neck shape, a mahogany back and maple top. It comes with 490R and 498T pickups. It has good tone balance. The rosewood fingerboards and inlays in trapezoid are common features of Les Paul guitars since the 1950 models. The newer models still use the same fingerboards. The rosewood used for these guitars are of the best quality you can find.
Each piece of wood is manually inspected by a group of wood experts before being used for the construction of the guitars. The fingerboards are stable and gives clear sound for each note and chord. The trapezoid inlays are made of acrylic that look like real pearl inlays. The guitar weighs about 31.6 pounds and measures 43.3" x 20.5" x 5.9".
A review mentioned that the Gibson Les Paul studio guitar arrived in the mail in a high quality Gibson case. One user said that the natural wood finish looked very classy. The fret work also seemed very finely made said the same user. Some buyers said that the way it was constructed was very good considering the price it comes with. The frets and neck are also good, even for long play, according to a buyer.
Some people who have used these guitars say that this model is lighter than others of the same ilk. Typical Les Paul guitars are quite heavy. A number of people also said that the sound is very good for blues and jazz music. According to many people, it is not a bad guitar for less than $1000.
A review did say that there was a buzzing sound on the A and E strings when he tried it for the first time. Another buyer noticed sharp edges on the fret. A guitar player said it was not the ideal guitar for metal rock music.
Basically, the Gibson Les Paul studio guitar brings with it over 2 decades of quality workmanship. For the studio, it is very useful and provides value for your money. It is light and more comfortable to use than other heavy guitars. The sound is good and it plays like a professional grade guitar with a price tag that won't break the bank.
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