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American presidency: why is 1-term a must?

American presidency: why is 1-term a must?
By Frank Li, Ph.D.
Founder & President, West-East International, Inc.
April 20, 2011
In earlier publications, I identified the root cause of many of our ills as the incompetence of our political system (, and proposed a solution (, with 1-term (e.g. 6 years) for the American presidency being the core. This article will further support my position.
The American political system today is not only incompetent, but also fundamentally flawed for two main reasons as follows:
(1)   Representation: Democracy requires participation. Unfortunately, the majority typically remains silent and the most vocal are heard most. Who are the most vocal? Various special interest groups (e.g. the unions)! Who are totally voiceless? The future generations! Still wondering why & how we have piled up the debts on the back of the future generations? Wonder not - They have no representation in our system, and our politicians care more about the next election than the next generations!
(2)   Constitution: Our Constitution is seriously out of date! For example, it is short in the term-limits for Congress and the statutory requirements for the American presidency.
American politics is said to have checks & balances. What are the checks & balances against the kind of extreme democracy as we have today in America? Dictatorship (! Before we surrender to this destiny, let’s try a better solution: set the American presidency to be 1-term (e.g. 6 years). Here is why:
(1)     History shows that with the burden of re-election, American presidents (and Congressmen and women) can be reckless, putting their personal interests way above America’s (
(2)   A president limited by 1-term is the closest to a dictator we need. This, together with some term-limits for Congress (preferably 1-term of 6 years too), may give our political system another chance to work before it’s really too late.
One legitimate concern, as expressed to me by former House Speaker Hastert (, is this: 6 years may be too long to get rid of a bad president. This problem is unique in America, as the statutory requirements for the presidency are virtually nonexistent. For example, Senator Obama had no executive experience of running anything, not even a candy shop, and his resume was not good enough to run any American company. Yet he won the popularity contest of the American presidency! Now, has President Obama spent enough of your grandchildren’s money to buy your vote for his re-election?
In addition to 1-term (e.g. 6 years), we must raise the statutory requirements for the presidency, such as age 55+ and being a full-term governor. That way, an American president can be as experienced as many other world leaders ( It’s a competitive world out there and there is no substitute for experience!
IMHO, 1-term for the American presidency is a must. But will it happen? 50/50, because the American political system has proven to be not only incompetent but also unable to adapt (e.g. most, if not all, government programs last forever), even in the face of significant changes around the world over the past two decades, especially China.

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