Choosing the Right Outsourced Call Center Solution

Jun. 22, 2011 9:40 PM ET
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Mobile Express Contact Solutions (MECS) is a service-oriented call and contact solutions company based in the heart of Iloilo City, Philippines. We believe that each client is unique. As such, we provide a service that contours your exact specifications augmented by the skills of a college-level workforce.

Large organizations found outsourcing call centers are a requirement to compete. Today, businesses, regardless of sizes, are learning that outsourcing customer contact provides a strategic advantage that can differentiate them from competitors. By outsourcing to call center experts, companies are better able to grow their business by focusing on their core competencies, while allowing their outsourced partners utilize best practices of call center services and emerging trends to meet the ever changing needs of their customers.

But finding the right outsourced vendor can be a hard task. There are many factors to consider in your decision, and some factors to consider are:

Price vs. Quality
Companies must first look at the desired outcome of the contact when considering outsourcing a customer contact. If it is a simple contact that requires little judgment or reasoning, outsourcing to the lowest cost provider may meet the needs of your company. These may include password resets, balance inquiries, message taking, order tracking, and a lot more.

In the event, however, your customer contact requires any ability to be solutions oriented, think out of the box, go off script, provide custom solutions, require the use of multiple complex systems or research unique solutions, then considering the lowest price provider is almost certain to lead to catastrophic failure and loss of customers. In this case looking at an outsourcer that has the technology, people and processes in place to quickly develop custom programs is far more critical than price.

Out of box vs. Custom
Most offshore and many onshore outsourcing companies are tied to technology that is purchased and comes with the limitations of a system designed to offer very specific solutions. However there are many call center outsourcing companies that believe investing in proprietary system with the flexibility to move and meld to a customer’s unique challenges is the best path to long-term success and reduced costs.

Custom shops often times don’t cost more than their counterparts with limitations, but offer significant savings through increased effectiveness and efficiency, increased first call resolution, increased customer satisfaction and an overall better experience for the customer.

Behavioural Analytics
These are all questions you should be thinking about when looking at outsourced call center vendors. Can potential or your current vendor track the customer experience and provide reporting and suggestions for change, resulting to a significant increases in revenue and customer satisfaction? Through the use of behavioral analytics and strategic database creation, premiere call center outsourcing firms have found a way to provide additional value, significant cost savings and increase client retention through the use of information. It always costs lesser to retain a customer than it does to earn a new one.

Experience and Capability
Experience and capability plays a major factor when looking for the best outsourced call center service, but industry experience may not be as vital as experience with similar contact types. Outsourced call centers are pushed by competition to continually identify what emerging trends and technologies result in increase customer satisfaction and first call resolution. Many times, call center outsourcers that serve one industry or specialty only pull their experience from that limited scope. Looking at potential outsourcers with a variety of industries served and multiple contact types exposes your company to solutions that have worked in other industries and may not have been tried in your industry, thus potentially providing additional competitive advantage.

So now, if you are only considering at price, will you receive the benefit of industry best practices like behavioural analytics, customized solutions, out of the box answers, increased customer satisfaction through increased call resolution or simply get the best price, while losing your valuable customers?


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