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Preparing For Year's End


72 year old Investor.

Just made my second Required Minimum Distributions.

Now "Passively Managing" our portfolios.

Lots going on in my world including getting ready for our 4th Quarter/ Year End Report. 

Our Passive Management Spread Sheet is now complete and appropriate changes will be made based on 12/31/2018 data.

Since I assist my sister with her finances, I completed her spreadsheet as well. 

Our RMDs were made exclusively from collected dividend income which was this year taxed and the remainder moved to our collective taxable account.

In our taxable account I have a little over 29K to invest. Since I see this account as likely the next generation's I am favoring low yield/high growth DG stocks. 

I decided to start by purchasing single shares of Consumer Discretionary and Industrials in appropriate sub-sectors. Thanks to many, particularly Gabby who is building portfolios for his kids. The tickers for the 10 companies I selected are: PAYX, ITW, SBX, CAH, NKE, GLW, LOW, KSU, CB, TJX. I plan to spend at least the next few months getting use to the day to day movements of each. I also plan to research key data before deciding which 5 or 6 companies will receive additional investments of 5K.

Love to get your thoughts on my approach here. Must admit that the world of low yield/high growth DG stocks is a new one for me. Still lots to learn.

Take care my friends.