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Teaching The Family How To Invest - Part One


At 72 I realize I might not always be here to manage our investments.

At this point in time neither my wife or my daughters are particularly interested.

While that might change down the road I still believe a little bit of education on the market is in order.

I'll start with my three daughters who range in age from 35-42. Between them they have seven children. Of course they don't want to actively manage their investments. They are busy enough managing their lives. 

I spent 20 years as a law enforcement academy instructor tasked with lesson plan development. I want to make sure that when ever interest in investing develops, my instructional leaning plans are ready to go. 

I decided to keep things simple. My focus would be as basic as stocks, bonds and ETFs. To date I have prepared five lessons I'll be sharing with you in the weeks ahead.

My approach to training with my wife is very different. I see my job as helping her to feel comfortable entering, exiting and reviewing our brokerage accounts and more at ease when communicating with brokerage staff. While some progress has been made there is more work yet to be done. My long range goal is for her to conduct a short lesson to our daughters on entering, exiting and doing a simple review of our accounts. 

I think we all stand to learn from this project.

It's time to hear from you. What have been some of your challenges with your family and their investments? What have been some of your most successful approaches to such education?