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Finishers win.

Anxiety can mess up a good plan.

Keep your eye on the ball.

We are in the final lap/round/seconds of the contest. Geron and JNJ are sponsoring the contest between the longs and the shorts. The shorts are employing all kinds of trick plays and trying to divert the attention of the longs. The longs will win if they stay focused and ram it home. Yes, the score may waffle around, but when we are in the final seconds, ask yourself if you are the nervous Nellie who doesn't want the ball or are you the confident "give me the ball" guy. Those who leave the field to vomit, will lose. Those who want the ball and know where the goal line is, will win. 

The data is so stacked that Geron longs are the obvious favorites. But, we have to execute. The shorts only hope is to get us off our game plan. So lets get out there and win this game!

Disclosure: I am/we are long Geron.

Additional disclosure: I may or may not buy or sell shares of Geron in the next 72 hours.