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$2000 to $100,000 in 365 days

My name is Parsifall Cane and my trading style is simple, and deserves the "easiest to learn hardest to master" [blue] ribbon. It's called the Parsifall method. I use a stock screener to locate high volume stocks with RSI's above 75 (overbought) or below 35 (oversold) and then buy either an itm call option or an itm put option on them. I then exit the trade with a minimum 20% profit in whatever time frame it takes to profit which could be the same day or all the way to opex. Again, the stocks chosen must have both of the following qualities-

1) solid volume 
2) an RSI above 75 or below 35

Many people you will fraternize or engage in discourse with on the market subject are windy. They talk long and hard about economics, the future, the past, a sector etc... That is all as relevant as a horses tail when it comes down to what matters. And what matters is the BOTTOM LINE. A recently parolled criminal with a 50% annual return on his portfolio is a better trader and more successful market maven than a Phd JP Morgan analyst. The BOTTOM LINE is all that matters and one would do well to disregard every other metric of a trader other than this.

I will start with $2000 cash. Over a period of one year I will turn it into $100,000 with approximately 50 total trades (a buy and sell of same security/option is 2 trades) using the Parsifall method. I will take and post screenshots of every single trade I make and write a brief description on the reasons for it for transparency reasons. My money is always put where my mouth is. 

Each time I post a trade make it will be titled in sequential order

Example   $2k to 100k trade 1
Example   $2k to 100k trade 2
Example   $2k to $100k trade 3

And so on it will go until the goal of $100k from $2k is attained.
Feel free to check back in on the status  every so often or message me. 

Backround on me-

-Former CBOE desk commodities trader.

-No college education

-Currently a sugarcane farmer (for ethanol) in Florida.

-Bought sugarcane property and John Deere heavy equipment with trading profits

-Have zero debt

-Have never owned a credit card and never will