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RIMM: I Told You So (Or Why Anyone Can Be a Financial Analyst)

From the back-patting, toot-your-own-horn, bragging part of me (I keep it well-hidden, but it's there)...

Scotia Capital's Gus Papageorgieu wrote the following on Thursday:

Given the disappointing year we see no point in putting any faith in RIM’s management team. With 7.0 sales failing to provide the expected boost in volumes we were looking for and no date set for the new BBX devices, we see no financial momentum for RIM until at least the second half of next year. Given the disastrous 2011 the company has had, we believe the potential for a shake-up in management and or sale of the company has increased.

I wrote the following two and a half months ago:
The RIM co-CEOs simply appear out of touch, and out of ideas. The constant cheerleading on the conference calls which inevitably oversells results, the endless delays in tablets, coding, and the QNX platform, the destroyed employee morale; investors simply cannot put their hard-earned money, and their confidence, behind executives who are no longer capable of properly running this company.

Just saying. Go Pokes!