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Tuesday's Election - What Really Matters

On Tuesday, Americans will go to the polls to elect a new President, as well as other Federal and State Representatives. Unless there is some major surprise, it appears the Republicans will maintain control of the House and the Democrats will maintain their narrow control of the Senate. The Presidential race, if the polls are correct, could go either way. So come Wednesday morning, we will have a Government that looks very similar to what we have now with the possible exception of who controls the White House.

I have read, with amusement, articles that suggest investors should buy these stocks if Obama wins and these stocks if Romney wins. I would suggest, that investors would be wise to ignore these articles as they are waste of the paper they are written on.

Four years ago when the Democrats in a sweeping victory held all the power, similar articles to what we see now were written, investors should buy green energy stocks and should avoid oil and gas stocks, etc. Had you followed that advice, you would have done very poorly, as "green energy" companies like solar manufacturers have done very poorly and the oil and gas companies have flourished.

I would suggest, investors should avoid all the silly noise about what companies or sectors will do better under this or that scenario and instead, rely on old fashion company by company analysis. Does the company have a solid balance sheet, does the company have a product that is sustainable, a product that will be in demand 20-years from now. Is the company the dominant player in its industry with a moat that protects it from competition. Does the company pay a dividend and is that dividend growing. An investor will do far better looking at those company traits than to buy a stock based on who becomes President.

In the end, what really matters after Tuesday, is that our elected officials come together and take some steps to solve the problems this country faces. If both sides are willing to compromise, our problems are solvable. If both sides refuse to give a little, the problems will only grow. I am hoping they understand they were elected to do something and actually take this opportunity to accomplish something.