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Investment Idea Updates From Martin Shkreli

As we approach the end of the year, and the end of my professional money management career, I thought it would make sense to wrap up the stock ideas I have given the public. I may continue to provide my investment thoughts from time to time, but I will likely do it on a different website and most likely less often and less stock-specific. However, I will not leave the current ideas I have provided hanging--here are some conclusions.

Navidea (NYSEMKT:NAVB): My favorite idea to talk about. I think Lymphoseek, as an asset, is worth very little. Will the FDA approve it? Who knows. What it is worth is what I care about it and I believe the answer is very little. As you recall, I shorted the stock at 5.25 and covered at 2.00 within 8 weeks. My job as an investor is to maximize adjusted IRR. That was one of the best ideas I've had for the risk in a long time.

Oncothyreon (ONTY): Similar concept as Navidea, but I've been vindicated as of today.

Avanir (NASDAQ:AVNR): I've also "covered" this one but I must give credit to management for doing a good job with Nuedexta. The drug is priced too low, guys. Price it higher and you'll be just fine.

Mesoblast (MSB-AU): Ah, here is a nice scam. I haven't done that well in the stock, but boy, is this one a good short.

Biomarin (NASDAQ:BMRN): This stock has doubled since I wrote on it. Since then, they've received great news and I bet it will double again. Onwards to 100!

Chelsea (NASDAQ:CHTP): The bane of my existence and the sole money-losing idea. Just shut down already...

Zalicus (ZLCS), Human Genome Sciences (HGSI): Nothing to say here.

Star Scientific (STSI), Ampio (NASDAQ:AMPE), Biotime (NYSEMKT:BTX): I don't love these stocks, but I am not recommending shorting them. The people who love them, love them for a reason and that is unlikely to change. Let's call it a truce.

MannKind (NASDAQ:MNKD): Oh MannKind, I will remember you fondly. May you become a $1 billion company again so I may participate in your stock declining just once more before riding off into the sunset.

Cytori (NASDAQ:CYTX): How these guys raise money continually surprises me. This is one of the saddest things I've ever seen. An eventual "donut".

Nektar (NASDAQ:NKTR): This thesis is still playing out, but I would hold out for a $2 stock eventually.

Horizon (NASDAQ:HZNP): Good god, this company will not exist in a year or so.

Shkreli Public Investment Ideas
Name Entry Price Exit Price Days Return IRR
Navidea 6/1/11 5.25 8/5/11 2.00 65 62% 1396%
Oncothyreon 7/25/11 10.00 3/9/12 4.97 228 50% 92%
Avanir 5/31/11 4.62 11/25/11 2.00 178 57% 151%
Mesoblast 8/18/11 7.95 Ongoing 5.57 489 30% 22%
Biomarin 6/8/11 27.12 Ongoing 48.70 560 80% 46%
Chelsea 7/29/11 5.08 Ongoing 0.83 509 -84% -73%
Zalicus 7/6/11 2.60 11/9/11 1.16 126 55% 258%
HGS 8/28/11 12.63 3/9/12 7.89 204 38% 77%
Star Scientific 6/5/11 5.26 12/19/12 3.11 563 41% 25%
Ampio 1/6/12 4.51 12/19/12 3.61 348 20% 21%
MannKind 1/19/12 2.84 3/19/12 2.33 60 18% 173%
Cytori 3/19/12 3.13 4/10/12 2.10 22 33% 11115%
Biotime 4/10/12 4.39 12/19/12 3.50 253 20% 31%
Horizon 6/26/12 6.39 Ongoing 2.35 176 63% 176%
Nektar 6/18/12 8.01 Ongoing 6.93 184 13% 29%

Median Return: 38%
Mean Return: 33%

Median IRR: 77%
Mean IRR: 903%

Hit Rate: 14/15 (93%)

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