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Last 4 Stock ideas Examined

|Includes: Amcon Distributing Company (DIT), NIVS, VIFL

DIT - Bought at $32 on April 23rd  super-trades.blogspot.... . It hit $39.20 on Friday, April 24th for 23% gain in a day. I would love a pullback to add more as it now has been rated IBD EPS 99 and that could mean a big momentum run as I wrote in my latest blog.  super-trades.blogspot....

VIFL - Bought at $1.35 on March 27th. super-trades.blogspot.... . It hit $3.00 on April 13th for a 122% gain. It has since pulled back under $2. Earnings are due by May 15th and they are up against what I consider easy comps ($0.02). Food safety is all over the news and any mention of irradiation would be a huge catalyst. In the meantime, I do believe management needs to do something about the MDS stock overhang. They are a vendor and largest owner and seem to sell on any pop. Why not just find a strong holder to take out what they want to sell?

NIV - Bought at $3.80 on March 17th  super-trades.blogspot.... . It hit $5.50 then next day for a 45% gain. However, I was looking for something higher and more sustained, not just a quick pop. So I was not happy with the outcome of this one. Time is working against this stock as I believe insiders lock up will expire in May or June. Was stopped out at $4 for no gain.

LZR - Bought at $5.40 on December 23rd  super-trades.blogspot..... It hit $10.15 on January 16th for a 88% gain. It then pulled all the way back to close at $4.65 on March 3rd. I pounded the table because I was certain that earnings were going to be impressive year over year. It then hit $9.79 on March 27th for a 105% gain off the pullback. Two chances to get 90-100% gain. Earnings are due by May 15th and once again they are up against easy comps.

Most of these stocks all had very nice gains. Trading them is something I always examine and try to perfect. Picking them is hard and trading them perfectly is even harder. I did not trade NIV well.  Having a core / trading share strategy seems to work best. (LZR, VIFL etc.)  I am still long core share of DIT, VIFL, and LZR.

At I try to find stocks that have good, factual reasons to move.