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Acquisitions, Sex, CEO's & Strategic Debacles

|Includes: GS, HP Inc. (HPQ)

Hewlett Packard - What an Amazing Blow-Up!

After a series of acquisitions across security, smart-phones, operating systems etc, not to mention new product (tablet) launch, which put hp in a position to move forward and evolve into something appropriate to the current decade, inclusive of something like Apple, hp has thrown its emerging strategy out with a sex scandal and obviously completely lost its way.

Like many US multi nationals hp was sitting on oodles of cash and looking for usesĀ for it. Sadly for hp the cash, given the change in CEO and loss of direction, has pretty much just burnt a hole in its pocket.

The strategic direction now appears to be non-existent.

Notably some analysts in the US called the stock and the Groups strategic meltdown correctly around the change in CEO, and from double the current share price.

I'm sure hp would welcome all suggestions.