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Commodity Currents: Moment Of Truth Thursday.

How long will it take stocks to get back over 1397.25? That is the question and the longer it takes the S&P500 to get back over 1397.25 and 1400.00 for that matter the greater chance of more downside price action on the order of 3 to 5 percent lower. Big move in 10yr Treasuries almost making it to 130-16 before closing back under 130-00 again, could be stop running whatever the case, another illustration of the importance of timing when looking to sell. The Dollar climbed looking for 80.500 but seemed more result of other currencies being sold then actual interest in buying dollars as the Euro dropped closer to 1.3000 after breaching 1.3124 while the Yen continues to figure out what to do unable to move over 1.2200 but not selling under 1.2050. Inside day in Crude taking it back over 103.07 with further gains if oil bulls can force a close over 104.39 to drive prices higher to 106.00. Natural gas headed in the other direction flirting with new contract lows yet again showing that no low is too low for this contract. Inside day in Gold could result in additional gains if it can get back over 1640 but might have difficultly if only short covering is behind the gains. Ditto for Sliver as now it has lots of congestion over 32.000 to work through while Copper churns unable to close over 3.8000 supported by 3.7500 for now. Split decision in the grains with Corn unable to move beyond 664 but floated higher while Wheat headed in the other direction turned away from 650 and Soybeans continued their ascent as no high seems too high but looks like running on fumes at this point although no sign of a change in trend either. Coffee cooled unable to make it over 185.00 again with 195.00 the upside objective or downside target of 160.00, take your pick, Sugar tries to move higher getting a close over 24.50 with 24.78 next objective as 24.36 held and Cocoa struggled for a small gain forming an inside day suggesting the trend might be reversing if 2,050 holds with 2,214 first upside target.