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Confessions of A Green Living Addict

Confessions of a green living addict is run by Samantha who is very passionate about helping you look after your own green living needs. Samantha was new to it just like you probably are and bit by bit she learnt to change her family life in order do the most for the environment.

Confessions of a green living addict is also about saving money as you save the environment, giving you the chance to give back and also put money in your pocket. There is a lot of public opinion that to be green can be expensive but this is untrue. Just like since I went green I saved approximately 25% off my weekly shopping bill.

We plan to show you exactly how we have saved money and gone green and as a typcial family of three, you don’t have to waste your money anymore. You can have a lovely house and look after the world at the same time.

Imagine how proud you would be to know that you have made a difference, just by a few changes.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to showing you the way!!!

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