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|Includes:, Inc. (HEWA)
 From my research it seems that Healthwarehouse is the child of crafty financial engineering. To fully understand the story of Healthwarehouse, one has to start with a technology company based in Dayton Ohio called MCSI. MCSI, which is now defunct, was run by Michael Edward Peppel. Mr. Peppel now finds himself in a legal firestorm, and has already pleaded guilty to "willful false certification of a financial report by a corporate officer, money laundering, and conspiracy to commit securities, mail and wire fraud." ( Michael Peppel is the brains behind the business of Healthwarehouse and as such owns shares in the company through Cape Bear Partners LLC, in which his mother (Lynn Peppel) is the sole director. (
The current CEO of Healthwarehouse, Lalit Dhadphale, was associated with Michael Pepple through the company Zengine Inc. which was acquired by MCSI-another financial engineering maneuver. In Zengine Inc. Joesph Saverino was the CEO and he is currently a director in Healthwarehouse. The parallels between MCSI and Healthwarehouse are unmistakable, and are highlighted by the identical, unethical management team.