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Welcome To The 26th Annual Shark Week, Beginning Tonight.

Sharks represent some of my favorite characteristics of excellent investors.

They are not mindless eating machines, swimming about the ocean. They are cold and calculating. They seek out the small, the injured and the weak, and swim away from a fair fight. They do not have an ego.

Even when a shark attacks, safety is a primary concern. For a split second before they strike, their eyes roll back to protect them from injury, evening risking a potential miss. The risks that sink investors aren't those they foresee, but those they don't. Sizing appropriately with limited leverage is the only way to protect oneself, and live to fight another day.

Like the markets, sharks do not get to dictate where their pray may be. They can smell blood from miles away, and once they do, they swim towards it.

Sharks may end up together by the end, but they hunt alone and there is a significant first mover advantage.

Pick unfair fights.