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12 Book Recommendations For Investors

(and Non-Investors)

If you are interested in reading, here is a catalog of my books. Narrowing that down further, here is a shorter list of books specifically pulled from the shelves for young and aspiring investors. Which are my favorites? Some include the following:

  1. A Demon Of Our Own Design
  2. Damn Right!
  3. Fortune's Formula
  4. More Mortgage Meltdown
  5. More Than You Know
  6. The Dhandho Investor
  7. The Misbehavior Of Markets
  8. The Outsiders
  9. Tomorrow's Gold
  10. Too Big To Fail
  11. Why Stock Markets Crash
  12. You Can Be A Stock Market Genius

But if I could read only two books (and a paper), it would be these.