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Favorite Podcasts


Top 2 podcasts by category -- from politics to investing and fitness.

I record one monthly and listen to others daily.

I particularly like people who apply logic to subjects that need it.

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I love listening to podcasts. I almost always have a podcast or audiobook going whenever I’m on my own – especially when I’m rock climbing. Here are some of my favorites:



  • According to Sources is a great investing podcast focusing on valuation disconnects related to M&A news, activism, and fundamental analysis. You can learn more about the host’s firm at Broome Street Capital.
  • Rangeley Capital is my monthly conversation with my colleague Andrew Walker. We have a light, informal chat about stuff that has caught our attention over the past month of researching value investing opportunities.


  • Alpinist is typically about a half an hour or so of a conversation with top climbers. They also have a beautiful magazine.
  • Cutting Edge is a podcast of adventure stories from the American Alpine Club with detailed discussions of climbing tactics. You can join the AAC here.


  • Brute Strength comes from CrossFit champion Michael Cazayoux (pronounced approximately like the nut). Great guests, inspiring stories, and the latest news for the CrossFit community.
  • Dissect comes from Michael Blevins, Ross McGarvey, and Mark Twight. Twight and the podcast are hard to categorize, but his history is in CrossFit so that is where I’ll stick him. Mark Twight’s Kiss or Kill: Confessions of a Serial Climber is the book that originally inspired me to start climbing.


  • Cultra is dedicated to New England trail/ultra running. These are my people, but it might not translate to non-runners or road runners.
  • Trail Runner Nation gets into discussions on races, training tactics, nutrition, and gear.


  • Cleared Hot is Andy Stumpf’s podcast. Andy is a Seal Team Six combat veteran, pilot, and base jumper. He attracts great guests, mostly ex-military types.
  • Jocko is what first got me into podcasts. He is another decorated Seal vet. He is also a BJJ black belt. He originally comes from near my home in Maine. My children have really enjoyed his first, second, and third kids’ books.


  • Making Sense is neuroscientist Sam Harris’ podcast. I don’t always agree with what Sam says, but always learn something from him and from his guests. I have read all of Harris’ books, but particularly recommend his short book on Lying.
  • The Libertarian is an interview of Prof Richard Epstein (my second SCOTUS pick if I get 1) elected POTUS then 2) get Don Willett on the court). I am not sure why he named his podcast what he did; it is more about his legal interpretations than his political philosophy, but I still stick it in my philosophy bucket. He has written a ton of books worth reading, most recently The Classical Liberal Constitution: The Uncertain Quest for Limited Government.

What did I miss? Any suggestions would be welcome in the comments below.

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