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Seeking Alpha Recent Navigation Changes

If you are displeased with the new navigation changes, please see the link below, and comment accordingly (PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS BLOG. No one reads it! USE THE LINK BELOW ):

The comments are 100% negative.

For instance:

(1) "Notifications" and "My Feed" now takes who made a comment and the person's icon as more important than the article itself, for instance:

DWD Investing Commented on Seeking Alpha's New Look: Making It Easier For You To Be A Better Investor

Sometimes the artitle title is even truncated.

When looking for information, we need the article title first because we may not be interested in the article, and thus the comments, e.g., the article may be weeks old or we have sold our position; so the name of the article is more important than who posted a comment. Therefore, the "My Feed" and "Notifications" should have the article title first as that is the most important information:

Seeking Alpha's New Look: Making It Easier For You To Be A Better Investor, xx new comments, last comment time.

It should seem obvious, since when we write an article for SA, they require that we put the Title first, not the picture and the author's name.

Corret: Title of Articvle, author

Incorrect: Author, Title of Article.

Ironically, this is simple formatting rules accepted and connonized by all language using cultures. That's becasue the title should tell us about the content, whereas the author's name does not.

(2) The "more notifications" (history) link is gone. If you want to see past notifications, other than the small list that the current notifications button provides--you are out of luck! (If you are gone for several days and want to catch up, too bad for you! The content is inaccessable in that manner. You'll have to dig up all of your past comments and articles and check manually.)

(3) The "my feed" page now states things like: [User name] commented on [user name]'s comment with no parent identification--no reference to the article or main content the comment refers to. (According toa recent post by Eli, this is to be fixed. So far, it has not.)

The changes are moving to a more social website instead of a content driven website. (Think Yahoo stock message boards, where people troll for likes or dislikes, vs old Seeking Alpha.) For example, Eli, the CEO of SA, has stated in the above link that he likes the comments first becasue he can see who liked him faster, even though "likes" have nothing to do woth finding stock content.

"Peace (and everyone else),

Thanks. I for one like the changes to the notifications. I like getting a glimpse at who commented rather than just "3 new comments" and I like knowing when new users follow me and like my comments. Others obviously have less ego than I have :-)" -- Eli Hoffmann

Additional disclosure: I think it is important that Eli and others in SA management understand that your current readers DO NOT appreciate that SA is moving more towards a social experience, like Yahoo stock message boards or Facebook, and more away from a content driven stock site, organized by content first.