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 Sometimes we turned eagerly to see our business website online quickly, as soon as possible. Or we got bored to have the same 10 visitors per day and we made our calculations on profitability is destroyed, they come too few visitors ... If we know that search, specifically, millions of people on the net and we could draw their attention to come to our site ...


I suggest a method, one among many, but who gave me excellent results for these problems: promotion in search engines based on advertising in context. Requires investment of time and money but worth it.


Let us take an example. Case in point, where I worked for a friend whose website was created for a company that offers you a lot of help in advertising of your own products. When he launched the site, took command at a design firm, the firm has developed the site. Talking with him about the site, told me that everything would be OK, but that would not require many, many visitors. He did not want to spend huge sums through common online advertising methods, because the result was predictable and the goal was rather placing the site on the market.


I then proposed to create a promotional campaign by the search engine Google via Ad words. Let me tell you first the result: in just one week we received a total of 130 visitors per day. Per day! And within weeks, the number of visitors has increased!


For a new site launched in my opinion is not bad. He continued for a few months and surprise came after cessation campaign: Meanwhile indexed by search engines and have so many references (links on the site) that the number of daily visitors has remained at about 60% of the previously planned, even after finished campaign with Google Ad words! 


The conclusion I made is the smart investment of an amount to promote this way he managed to create a site visited by people interested in the company's product (targeted visitors) and a reference site domain. (In brackets being said, another site of mine I managed to get to 600 visitors per day by this method)


Of course this is only one method and requires the investment of funds for promotion. But it has a not insignificant amount of advantages:

·                     You could have a large number of visitors, from the first day after the launch of your site (at another site in the first 12 hours after launch we had 200 visitors!)

·                     Know exactly what you are looking through search engines (Google provides a detailed statistical) and can confirm or refute such assumptions about the profile of your visitors. You can scale to have surprises when you find that your target search engines are not the words that you think, but with everything else related to your field of interest can use the data thus obtained to optimize your work site for search engines (SEO)

·                     you can draw to your site only those visitors who are interested in the theme of the site, so you have more chances to realize the intended site

·                     Ordinary girl online ads, this way you can attract visitors who are receptive to your message brought to the site. Placing the 'advertise' word in the search engines finds your potential visitor looking for information. In other words when you are in the fortunate position to give visitors exactly what they're looking (you don't try to sell the information rather they are looking to buy it from you).

Promotion in search engines is already a profession; there are many experts and websites dealing with these activities (SEO-Search Engine Optimization). Once paid for an expert, it can optimize your site to be easily found in search engines, so you have no costs to attract visitors from search engines. 


Pay attention and do not neglect any aspect of this, but the problem I see is that it requires time and permanent work, as the engines change their ranking algorithms frequently, your competitors also optimize their websites and you still cannot escape to not pay.


The presented method can control exactly my visitor attraction costs: if you have guests, you pay if you have visitors, it does not cost anything.

To see how it works, click here: Google Ad words and read carefully. I presented Google Ad words for the simple reason that is the most convenient, but there are many other possibilities. Another example is to click right here


How do you start? Simple!


Have you ever seen Google search on those boxes that appear to the right or sometimes even above results? You can make even one campaign and the settings or you can call those who provide such services.

If you want to grab the promotion through Google, you need to open an account with Google.


Steps to follow: 1. Google creates your account 2. Just follow all the steps and you are ready in no time.

Costs are calculable and somehow predictable (you will be charged per click).

You can control your campaign budget by setting limits (as you are willing to pay for each click, or you are willing to pay per day, etc...) You could have good results especially if are not large bids over the keywords chosen from your competitors.


I hope you find this presentation useful and you will use the idea presented here and successful sites will be visited by hundreds or thousands of visitors daily! 

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