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First insta-blog

OK this is going to be the start of my blogging on SeekingAlpha. My range of topics will be anything I feel is interesting and anything that I think people would want to read. I'm am currently an undergrad student in the fields of finance and computer science so my articles will most likely be read by similar students or if by anyone at all. Like many in the same boat as I (the students) that write on seekingalhpa, I am aspiring to work in the financial world. I currently have family working at financial institutions as an analyst and another a buy side trader ( what I aspire to become). They may drop into the blog every now and then for a celeb post; however until I inform them of my little blog start up I'll keep their employers and names out of it (if they give me subject/ideas to blog about as well).

Any ways, my Interests in financial markets are not very limited. I dabble in everything from FOREX, stocks, options, and even the history of FED and history of investment banking. I always read or hear if you want to be a successful trader ( I do), you have to find a specific market that will fit your personality. Well I don't want to pick a specific one, I want to use them ALL.  I'll day trade currencies, swing options, long stocks, and hedge with indexes, ETFs, and industrial metal commodities. (Hypothetically of course)  You'll probably pick this up if you read my blogs. I'll be all over the place, my blogging VIX will probably off the charts. Anyways, if you want to know more about me, check out my profile.