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Late Hour Flight to Safety?

Just noticed this... seems like an oddity, but maybe I'm missing something obvious.

Below are futures charts from for today, 10/14/2011.  If you played today you know we had another generally up day for equities after several up days for equities.  We closed with S&P futures at 1220 - a 50% fibonnaci retracement from recent lows, and generally considered to be a strong resistance level.  I've also included the S&P futures chart below.

Look at the last 5 minute bars in 30 year and 10 year bonds below.  If that's not showing a rather renewed and strong interest in safety, I'm not sure what would.

But maybe this is common stuff for the last available 5 minutes of trading before a weekend - I don't have the data available to research.  And who knows - maybe this is just Op Twist in action?

Any other factors aside, viewed through the lens of my standard Risk Assets vs Safe-Havens approach, those big bars on the bond side don't bode well for an equity bull come Monday morning... though of course there's an entire weekend of unknown news ahead of us.

I thought it was interesting. 

If anyone has thoughts or information, please add comments below.