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Let the Networking Stocks Bubble... and Short Treasuries...

Barron's et all keep talking about the bubble in Social Networking stocks... and my response is "so what". Let 'em be.... Let people overpay and let others make money... this is the ONLY area of feel good and fun in the marketplace these days. Yes, we all know that the valuations being tossed around for Twitter, FB, Groupon, Zynga and others are just ridiculous - and anyone who has been an adult since "irrational exuberance" knows the downside of drinking coolaide. We get it, caveat emptor - now leave us alone to remember what good times were like. 

In the meantime, we should probably have all started shorting treasuries as of last Thursday. That is to say, that when I pull my head out of the social networking clouds and become sober about the markets - I realize how horrible things continue to be.

No need to get political over this (that would take too long). Things are just bad, all over. So if people want to lose themselves in silly valuations for a while - let them. 

We can watch the gold and Swiss Franks go up on our statements every month - but it is just fun to play in the land of bubbles once in a while - it reminds us all of a time when we had more money and got stock tips from our gardeners.