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Owens-Illinois - Value Alert

|Includes: Owens-Illinois, Inc. (OI)

Texas (October 3, 2013) Wax Ink has issued a No Investment Interest opinion for Owens-Illinois (NYSE: OI) based on a recent baseline equity review which placed fair value between $31-$37.

No investment interest means that the current risk reward ratio is neither favorable or unfavorable for investment consideration at this time.

The recent close of $30.12 is approximately 61% above the fair value buy target for the stock and approximately 21% below the fair value close target for the stock. The recent close is also 11% below analysts' twelve-month $34.00 median price target for the stock.

The recent close represents a 56% increase in the one year price of the stock, while year-over-year sales decreased 5%, year-over-year earnings increased 4%, and year-over-year debt decreased 11%.

The stock currently has a trailing twelve-month PE Ratio of 6, a flow ratio of 1.2, and a PEG Ratio of 0.7 basis estimated forward earnings growth of 8.5%.

In the past 52 weeks, share prices have moved between a high of $31.52 and a low of $18.32, placing equilibrium at $28.41.

With the recent close, the stock is trading 5% below the 52 week high, 39% above the 52 week low, and 6% above equilibrium.

The three-month average daily trading volume for the stock is approximately 971,000 shares.

Owens-Illinois is a manufacturer of glass containers in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and South America. Its main product lines are glass containers for the food and beverage industries.

The company's listed competitors include Anchor Glass Container, Compagnie de Saint-Gobain,and Silgan Holdings.

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