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Insider Ownership - Adidas & Capgemini

Serge Kampf, Chairman at Cap Gemini, is gaining a reputation for picking the perfect moment to trade. The director made two trades at the end of June, totalling over €2 million. Since mid 2006 the director has been selling down his holding in the IT group, and has now sold a total of €28.69 million. The chairman has made the most of opportunities in the market to do so, and has taken his time. His first set of sales in 2006 and early 2007 were each timed to perfection, with the director picking the top of short price peaks, before the price dropped back down to lower levels. This followed a two year wait as prices descended, before the director changed tack and bought while the price was close to an all time low, he bought 50k shares at €22.2966 per share having sold previously at €45 to €54 per share.

As the company’s price has increased back to €40 mark, the director has continued selling, with trades in January 2010, February 2011 and now in June. This month’s transactions came at €39. The price has been boosted by the announcement of a year on year increase in revenue, and also an increased dividend from €0.8 to €1 which was paid in early June.

German footwear and clothing maker Adidas Ag saw one of the week’s biggest trades. Christian Tourres is now a member of the supervisory board after his appointment in 2009, prior to this he was deputy chairman of the executive board. Mr. Tourres sold 92k shares on the 29th June, at a price €55.0058 per shares for a total €5,079,565. The trade is the directors first since December 2010, when he sold a 100k shares for €5 million. Last weeks trade was made at the company’s highest price in at least 10 years, and prices have continued increasing since then.  The director has been the solitary board trader for over a year, the last trade coming from CEO Herbert Hainer in May 2010, when he was buying shares at €38. If he were to sell out now he could take home a 40% profit.