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Summary Of Last Years' Post

We made the first alert on global finanical markets back on June before a big correction on the market since Augu 2011.

Risk alert on June 2011 , call for great market risk and buying gold when market is S&P 1300+

We called for several buy signal when the market s&P hit 1120 twice

on Aug 18th when S&P was around 1120( almost 52 weeks low)

No QE3 yet and no recession for US. Aug 22nd

Why 2008 market sell out will not repeat this time(written on Aug 22nd almost 52 weeks low)

short term trading opportunity when s&p hit 1120 again (written on Sep 22nd 2011 52 weeks low again)

We then called on See market rally for early 2012 (published on Dec 5th 2011) , we could see 52 weeks high in the new feature

The market rallied more than 20% since S&P 1120. if you choose to trading the beta by choosing high cyclical sectors (with sounded business fundemenal and good alpha stocks) since s&p 1120, you could get much higher return than market during the last five months.