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Views Of AJ Discala Charity Worker

 Charity begins at home is a well-known quote and AJ Discala charity worker believes this saying and works hard to give back something to the society. He is the CEO of the Broadsmoore Group and is also associated with the To Be Giving organization. To Be Giving is the charity organization of the Broadsmoore group. This organization looks forward to build job opportunities and help people to lead a fruitful life. 

According to AJ Discala charity is the only mode of reaching out to people and providing them with basic amenities of life. He believes it is only the starting point and mankind should always try to help fellow human beings lead a happy life. Humanity should carry forward the process of donation charity as it is a selfless act to support the needy and the downtrodden. Donors can be anyone, ranging from individuals to organizations. While done is the person or organization who receives the donation to help the needy. Donation can be the form of money, or property, or services that helps the needy to get back on their feet and work towards a sustainable life.

AJ Discala charity worker believes in helping his fellow human beings to lead a life that is not filled with hardships. He wants to contribute personally and financially to help people get job opportunities so that they can showcase their skills. Today, there are innumerable individuals, both adults and children who lack the means and funds to survive and lead a normal life. Discala tries to spread the light of kindness by garnering funds that are used for providing shelter, food, training, education and many more self-improvement programs for the disadvantaged lot. Recently, the Broadsmoore group contributed $100,000 towards the To Be Giving foundation’s humanitarian initiatives. The structure of the charity organization is to support community leaders through money and mentorship to enable them provide charity in territories struck by catastrophes, floods or tornadoes. The Broadsmoore Group has set aside 10 percent of its net profits for the To be Giving foundation’s charity work. 

According to AJ Discala charity should not be an option for those who have the money to help others. Every year, millions of dollars pour into charity donation organizations but often they do not end up at the right locations. Discala wants to help those affected by widespread devastation caused by a natural disaster. He belives in charity work and he wants to do all that he can to give back to the society. The idea of to be giving something back to the society and environment is the reason behind To Be Giving foundation. All in all, Discala believes that every individual should try and save some amount that they can donate to charity work. Charity is something that can be practiced by anyone. To Be Giving foundation will provide opportunity for development and achievement. They also welcome additional donations which would enable individuals to participate in the charity work. AJ Discala charity worker believes that the scene is set for great work for humanity and the road has already been set.

AJ Discala is co-founder and managing partner of The Broadsmoore Group; he brings more than 15 years of experience in merchant banking, principal investing and financial advisory services.

Mr. Discala has successfully advised over $500 million in secured debt, equity, and financial transactions, spanning a broad spectrum of industries. Under his leadership, The Broadsmoore Group has established itself as a privately held financial advisory and investment firm dedicated to making a difference by providing the necessary capital, management and financial discipline for companies focused on making a positive impact on society. Mr. Discala recognizes the need for and creates the business disciplines necessary to establish a secure financial marketplace. By providing in-depth information and access to intelligence technology, Mr. Discala and The Broadsmoore Group enable investors to know their counter-party in each transaction, protecting all parties from fraud.