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Positive Changes To Be Made By AJ Discala In 2011

The Broadsmoore Group CEO AJ Discala 2011 leading businessman and philanthropist has thought about bringing positive changes to the company. He is set on a mission to help the partners of the company by providing capital, liquidity generation opportunities and strategic growth that would pull the other companies forward. He has learnt about the inefficiencies of the financial markets through his personal experiences and since he was fifteen he has seen the turbulent ups and downs of the financial market. Today, he has turned into a financial market expert who helps other investors to gain confidence and invest in the right companies. Today, AJ Discala 2011 expert financial advisor has answers to most questions about the financial market and he has used his experience as an opportunity for growth and excellence.


AJ Discala 2011 financial expert believes that there are thugs in the financial market who are on the look out to dupe others. Having experienced financial setbacks in the hands of corrupt companies, Discala now advises investors to check on the credentials of the companies before planning to invest in them. He understands that there are several inconsistencies in the market but if one is careful enough to plan everything then they would surely hit success at the financial markets. He understands what is wrong and has the ability to change it for the better.


AJ Discala 2011 is filled with a passionate desire to bring a positive change to the investment community and with this sole objective in life he helps investors to understand the market and feel confident about investing in particular companies. He has created an entirely new financial model with good opportunities for companies to grow safely and invest in the right companies. He has made a good position for himself and for The Broadsmoore Group in the financial market. He has designed new strategies to tackle financial crisis and to regain investor confidence by adhering to the needs of the clients. By allowing the parties to know about the counterparty he has opened a new vista in the financial market. He states that investors should correctly investigate and understand their investment vehicles before making any decision about investing in any particular company.


AJ Discala 2011 plans are to reduce the levels of fraud and deception that have engrossed the market. He keeps everything simple and allows people to put money into healthy opportunities wherein they can all share the advantages and profits. The Broadsmoore Group strategies are radical and they look forward to expansion of returns of the investors and rebuild the present economy by handling the financial crisis. Today, Discala wants to improve the condition of Wall Street by focussing on both long term investment and capital preservation. The company has made it a point to get associated with companies who support social causes. These positive changes made by Discala will definitely go a long way in helping the company make its mark in the financial market. The road ahead will definitely be tough but he is sure to succeed as he has the right attitude and experience to survive the market.

AJ Discala is co-founder and managing partner of The Broadsmoore Group; he brings more than 15 years of experience in merchant banking, principal investing and financial advisory services.

Mr. Discala has successfully advised over $500 million in secured debt, equity, and financial transactions, spanning a broad spectrum of industries. Under his leadership, The Broadsmoore Group has established itself as a privately held financial advisory and investment firm dedicated to making a difference by providing the necessary capital, management and financial discipline for companies focused on making a positive impact on society. Mr. Discala recognizes the need for and creates the business disciplines necessary to establish a secure financial marketplace. By providing in-depth information and access to intelligence technology, Mr. Discala and The Broadsmoore Group enable investors to know their counter-party in each transaction, protecting all parties from fraud.