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What Members Are Saying About Tipping The Scale

Tipping the Scale, or TTS, is one of the most popular premium services on Seeking Alpha, and is creating real value for its members.

TTS benefits members in two ways.

The first is a research platform, where companies covered are rated in 10 categories, with each category graded between 0 and 10. The combined total of those 10 categories equal a number up to 100. The higher the number, the better the investment opportunity. The research platform also unveils price targets, both short-term and long-term upside.

The second way TTS benefits members is with its portfolio monitoring platform. This is where my portfolio can be seen by all members, which includes past performance and holdings. Members get to see what I am buying and selling, when, and how much. According to members, this new service is more valuable than a 100 articles.

With that said, here is what a few members are saying about TTS. Take a look and see ifTTS is right for you.

Tipping the Scale - is the best

rsStockDec•Jul 23 1:29 PM

Great "Tipping the Scale" service provided by Brian and as always love his articles and his thoughts What I like Most - * Stocks are reviewed periodically and updated if there is any change that effects the ratings * Also Brian provides his plan of action depending on the stock rating, for a novice... more

Excellent and Understandable

andy1951•Jul 28 6:05 AM

Excellent information in an understandable presentation - even for a novice like me.

Tipping the Scale is an Excellent Investment

DanB695•Sep 10 9:52 AM

I'm on top of the market, but don't have time to dig into the details. Tipping the Scale by Brian Nichols provides me very valuable and timely insights on the market and specific stocks for me to follow. This service is well worth my investment!

Keep on Tipping

Shane M.•Dec 23 10:20 PM

I am a novice investor(only a few years of self guided investing), so cannot with firm conviction say that Tipping the Scale is for everyone, but since starting the service I am convinced that I have made a good decision in furthering my understanding of how to invest and trade. This community is gr... more

Portfolio Tracking is Very Valuable

Peter Marana•Oct 11 1:09 PM

The TTS service provides me with direct insight into Brian's trades. Some positions I initiate based on this input but I really enjoy having these constant updates. I also appreciate Brian's discipline in taking positions when the stocks on beaten down - a little bigger safety cushion. Recently XPO ... more

Wouldn't be without it!

rbrandli•Nov 10 4:31 PM

Tipping the Scale has exceeded my expectations. Brian provides a thorough and easy to read analysis of the stocks he is following. He also rates these stocks on a scale of 1-100 and projects future price targets based on his analysis. To top it off--- you can follow along Brian and his own portfolio... more

The best investment ideas I found anywhere

Aliph Reena•Nov 23 1:13 AM

I am trying to set up my portfolio and I have followed a couple of other people before I started following Brian. His recommendations are well studied and written. The chat room is great with very friendly people and Brian answers questions and explains the reason for each buy and sell in his portfo... more


EdW44•Dec 24 11:06 PM

I absolutely love seeking alpha, it is a source of a lot of information and peoples opinions. I use it every day multiple times. If you are an investor it is a must have tool. Especially Brian Nichols, he is very good at finding stocks that are undervalued and by subscribing to his Tipping the Scale... more

Disciplined and Thorough

SP606013•Mar 17 12:37 PM

I really appreciate Brian's thorough research and disciplined approach. He is very clear in his thinking, codifying his parameters and ensuring his methodology is sound. I value his fundamental approach and conviction.

Tipping the Scale fails to disappoint!

doclt•Apr 05 3:47 AM

Great service, thoughtful research, and easy to understand system that has proven to be not only profitable but educational as well. Thanks Brian!