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Seeking Alpha: Morons sound off

The best advice I can give anyone after over 30 years of investing is to find a mentor, that one person who seems to have some knowledge in the field of investing you are interested in persuing.  A person who makes sense of all the conflicting data and rarely makes any type of prediction other than the macro.  For example, I believe there will eventually be a funding crisis, although I can't say when, and that the printing of money will lead to inflation and higher commodity prices.  This is my theme and how I invest.  I couldn't tell you, nor would I predict, what the price of anything will be tomorrow or what the timeline may be when the printing of money has finally run to a climax.  I pick one area that will benefit me the most when it comes to my theme of money printing gone mad.  I invest in gold and gold stocks.  I trade some of the gold stocks.  I trade silver as it is a wild animal and makes little or no sense in the short or long term.  Yet it is a precious metal more than an industrial metal, and don't let anyone say otherwise.  I hold gold long term and some silver stocks and gold stocks long term.  I like no stocks at all , except maybe microsoft, and would never short stocks in this money printing environment.  If you pick one area of expertise you will fare better.  I used to look all over hell for stocks to buy, but now I just stick to precious metals and their stocks.  I'm not telling you here what to do, I don't do that.  Too many idiots on this seeking alpha that tell you what you should be doing.  I will comment on what I know best, money printing.  I will comment on some of the gold and silver stocks I own and why.  I've made lots of money and I've lost lots of money.  I lost a fortune in 2008 just like everyone else, but I got it back in 6 months.  Since then I have changed my investing to specializing in one area, as I have mentioned.