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Weekly Meetings On Other Option Strategies- Including The Reverse Iron Condor, Long Put Butterfly, And The Neutral Calendar Spread

I have received many e-mails posing the question, "do you offer any other type of meetings that provide something different from my Daily Options Trading Strategy, such as the Reverse Iron Condor, the Long Put Butterfly Spread, the Neutral Calendar Spread, and when I choose to buy Long Calls or Long Put options on a particular stock or ETF."

I understand that the daily strategy is not for everyone. It takes time to consistently be able to monitor these stocks day-in and day-out. Not everyone has this luxury.

If you would be interested in learning about many of the other great options strategies available (minus credit spreads, I can't stand them), then please leave a comment or e-mail me and we can see what dates I may have available.

I would also like to thank everyone who has inquired about meeting me.