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Survey Revealed Extravagant Demand to Consolidate Outlook PST Files

Gothenburg, Sweden, October 22, 2011: Surveys help company’s’ to remain in touch with the demands of users. In a recent survey that took place few days before exposed the fact that most of the Outlook users demand tool to consolidate outlook PST files. Various Outlook users from different geographical areas participated in this study and helped to bring out the face that merging of multiple PST files to a single one is demanded by users for easy manageability of PST files. Results of the survey can be stated as: “With prolonged use of Outlook, users become unable to manage numerous PST files that are created in Outlook application. The only option left with the to organize the PST files in best manner is merging PST files. For that reason, users demand a proficient tool that can assist them to consolidate Outlook PST files without any harm to data and hence an external helper for such process becomes high in command. ”

Evan Swans says: “We want that only best solutions are received by our users. For that we need to remain in contact with them to know that are their prevailing requirements. Therefore surveys are held at different intervals of time. The recent survey that took place concerning management of PST files exposed out the fact that the process to consolidate Outlook PST files is high in coveted. Our PST Merge software is designed to solve problems of users related to organization of numerous PST files by merging them into single one. ”

Susan Kaet, We Director quotes: “surveys are the medium to know what our users desire. The recent survey regarding manageability of PST files took place that divulged the fact that users explore for tool to consolidate Outlook PST files so that their data integrity do not get damaged and they can comfortably merge their emails and other items . ”

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