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MLP Midstream Stats 5-31-16

Feedback request - I am going to the trouble of putting this data into a picture format so that the data can not be scanned by other - then put into a spreadsheet - and then the data gets re-cycled by others. There is a major amount of time going into the consensus DCF numbers - so I do not want those in the public domain.

I received by private message a note that the pic can still be scanned with the data going into an excel spreadsheet. I would like someone to offer confirmation that this pic to data conversion can be done - because this blew my mind. I could be doing a heck of a lot more (in less time) with data gathering if this trick exists. (end of feedback request)

The last column contains the year to date changes in distribution CAGR projections - and some of the 'percentage' changes are huge while the numeric changes are small. Many of the high percentage falls came from MLPs where the projection changed from 1% to 0.1%.

One of the consequences of fear being priced into a stock shows up in this data (as those who kept up with the BDC updates already know - that dead horse was beaten repeatedly). The market has historically had problems determining the right size of fear to price into a stock. The result - distribution cutting MLPs (AMID, APLP and KMI) out performed the sector averages on price appreciation - and many of the MLPs with the best distribution growth (DM, EQM, PSXP and SHLX) significantly under performed.

MLP Midstream 5-31-16

The consensus DCF (Distributable Cash Flow) projections were last (partially) updated on 5-30-16. The CAGR (the distribution Compound Annual Growth Rate) projections were updated 5-30-16. Yields are based on the Q2-16 distribution. Under the 'year to date' header, the change in the distribution is the change since Q2-15 - or the change over the last twelve months. The change in the target, EPS and DCF is the percentage change in the consensus 2016 projection that has happened since the beginning of 2016. The Dist/DCF number is the ratio of the Q2-16 distribution to the 2016 DCF projection. The 2016 DCF projection is an adjusted average of eleven DCF projections from the major brokerages covering MLPs. The CAGR is intended to be the percentage change in my CAGR projection since the beginning of the year - but I lack confidence that I have this stat right. The target prices and EPS projections are from Yahoo Finance. EXLP is now APLP. TGP plans a $0.14 Q1-16 distribution and TOO plans a $0.11 distribution.