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The Apple Launch Quietly Created A New Collector Item

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

Another Apple Launch has passed. We got a new iPhone and an upgraded Apple Watch. It goes without saying that a new iPhone that is ushered in normally causes an older model to be discontinued. This launch was no different as the iPhone 6 has been discontinued. The iPhone 6S and the recently launched iPhone SE remain.

Apple is always looking forward. Technology is always moving forward, no need to dwell on products that are discontinued. Unfortunately for Apple fans, some loved products get axed abruptly. One recent product that was quietly discontinued was the iPod Classic, which was the last fullsize iPod with the iconic click wheel design.

Today, the Apple Watch Edition watches were axed. In its place, the Apple Watch Series 2 Edition watches were released. To review the lineage, the new Edition versions get all the updates for the Series 2 watch versions (GPS, water resistence and dual-core processor) with a new ceramic case. It now sells at a more reasonable starting price point of $1250.

Also released was a new Series 1 aluminum watch which has a lower price point and is largely identical to the original Watch Sport except for an upgrade to the dual-core processor. If you want to buy a first generation Apple Watch, keep in mind that the Series 1 watches are not first generation due to the processor upgrade.

The axing of the Apple Watch Edition is really not a shocking development as these watches cost from $10K - 17K and never really caught on.

Did anyone really want a $17K Apple Watch? Very few people. These watches often sold for less than list in the after market (even sealed new). Apple had also quietly moved these watch versions to a less prominent place on its store.

In a world where there are millions of millionaires, it would seem that a $17K watch with a relatively short (technology) shelf life would be a good seller. But, I guess there are limits to what even rich people will buy. In the world of fancy swiss watches, $17K isn't really that much money. However, swiss watches in the luxury market can conceivably last forever with proper maintenance.

The Apple Watch Edition? Who knows. How long will you be able to buy chargers for them? How far into the future will iPhone support still exist?

After having said all of this, today presents a unique opportunity that collectors should take notice. The Apple Watch Edition has the kind of specs that make it a potential high value collector item. It's a first version of a new product. It was made in small numbers. It was unloved and overlooked. At some point in the future, most people will forget that this version even existed.

Now is the time to buy if you are a collector. Just be sure to buy a new sealed package and then never open it.

Disclosure: I am/we are long AAPL.