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Repatriating Corporate Profits To The US

There are literally trillions of dollars locked up in foreign countries that are stem from profits from US Corporations. There was a segment on 60 Minutes about a year ago on the vast amount of capital that if repatriated to the US could be a source of capital to growth in the US for years to come. The issue comes down to taxes. If the US government were to tax that capital at 15 % and wrap that repatriation in the flag, major corporations would be forced to bring that capital home. Similar to Apple creating a preferred stock it would generate return for Apple Investors. Imagine the benefits to our country if that capital , even 50 % of it was repatriated. It would benefit the citizens of the US in the same way. What is the government waiting for. They are looking for answers to get the employment rate down, well this is part of the answer.

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