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Where the Jobs Have Been Lost

A graphic from the New York Times (here) describe how various sectors have fared in the job market.  Note:  The graphic has been loaded as two images.

In a related NY Times article, Louis Uchetelle (here) writes"

"Steep recessions — and few in American history have been steeper than this one — are usually followed by vigorous, steep recoveries that include job growth, particularly in manufacturing and retailing, as people make purchases they had put off. The result is a chain reaction in which stores reorder, factories hum and workers are hired. Satisfying pent-up demand, this process is called.

But this time is clearly different. The pent-up demand is not present — not with 6.46 million jobs gone in just 18 months and hundreds of billions of dollars in wages extinguished. Credit is harder than ever to get for those who might want to spend again, and there are fewer and fewer spenders. People who do have jobs are saving (not spending) more of their incomes than they have in years, trying to replenish wealth lost in the stock market and in the declining value of their homes.

And, perhaps most important, millions of workers on short schedules will very likely get their hours back before their bosses hire new people."