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Krugman is Missing Nixon

Yes, that's right.  The economist that conservatives love to hate is missing the president that many love to hate.  Well, not exactly the man Nixon, but some of the aspects of how government operated.  Oligarchy had not yet captured our government.  Democrats actually compromised with Republicans, and vice versa, when major issues needed to be addressed.  (Not quite all the time, though, because it is well known that Ted Kennedy regretted for the rest of his life not accepting a health care compromise offered by Nixon.)

Anyway, Krugman laments that monied interests now controls our government and opines that we may now be ungovernable,

Read this great op ed here.  Left wing, right wing and those in the middle can all find something to agree with.  Not that Krugman's liberal bias is hidden here, but his discussion of the disfunction of our government will strike chords of agreement with those of all political persuasions.