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Are You Worried About Your Expire-By Date?

Here is a good science reading for the holiday.  Oilivia Judson, writing in The New York Times (here), discusses the process of evolution.  She cites a study that found 31,000 generations of an organism were necessary to produce adaptation of the population to a stressful change.  That would be over 600,000 years in human terms.  In order for the population to survive, a diversity of genetic material is necessary to allow adaptive combinations to occur and produce survivors.  After 31,000 generations the successful genetic combinations became ubiquitous in the general population.  If the genetic pool lacks sufficient diversity, extinction results because sufficient adaptive gene combinations are not found.

In view of all the wing nuts in our community, a diverse gene pool in the Seeking Alpha community seems quite likely.  So, for Thanksgiving, give thanks for all the wing nuts.

Definition:  Wing nuts are those who disagree with you.