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First Corporate Candidate for Congress

Murray Hill Inc. wants to cut out the middle man and vote their own corporate interests directly in the U.S. Congress.  Read about this at their campaign web site here  for the following quote and more.

Until now, corporations only influenced politics with high-paid lobbyists and backroom deals. But today, thanks to an enlightened Supreme Court, corporations now have all the rights the founding fathers meant for us. It was their dream to build the best democracy money can buy.

Here's more from an article by John Wagner in the Washington Post:

William Klein, a "hired gun" who has been enlisted as Murray Hill's campaign manager, said the firm appears to be the first "corporate person" to run for office and is promising a spirited campaign that "puts people second, or even third."

This quite a coup.  Even The Onion could not have done better.

Watch the Murray Hill Inc. campaign ad on U-Tube here.

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