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Solving The Income Inequality Problem

Does the following graph from the 5 Min. Forecast show how the U.S. is going to resolve the income inequality problem?

If so, it will take a long time. If the number renouncing were to average 3,000 a year, it would take more than 100 years for the 1% to emigrate, and much longer if the population keeps increasing at the present rate. Population growth has slowed to around 0.8% in the past few years, but has averaged more than 1% a year for most U.S. history.

If U.S. population were to grow at 1% a year, in 100 years there would be close to 850 million people in the country. For the same rate of emigration on a percentage basis as 2011, about 4,900 emigrants would exist for the year 2112.