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Best Binary Options Brokers - A Bold Claim

Best Binary Options Broker

There are hundreds of binary options brokers online. They cater to all types of traders, in all types of markets, with countless assets that are listed on the global financial exchanges. With hundreds currently operating and many more no doubt on the horizon, how can one claim they know of or represent the best binary options broker? This is a subjective claim to say the least but there are attributes that you can check on with a prospective broker that will let you know if you are on the right track and about to register with on of the best or one of the unknown. There is no 'best binary options broker'. There are just binary options brokers. It's all about choosing one that offers what you need, treats you like a valued customer and is there to answer questions when you have them.

When were they founded?

If you're looking for a binary options broker, wouldn't it make sense to choose one that's been around the block? With so many popping up all over the world, one important factor in your choice could be determining whether the date that particular binary brokerage was founded is of importance to you. The binary options industry really began to start its boom around five years ago. Back then, the brokers offering these binary options were few and far between. Now, you can't search more than two pages without seeing the names of at least a dozen of them. If you want to even have a chance at weeding out the ones you may want to register with, consider finding out when the company was founded. Five years ago sounds a lot better than last month. Time equals established operations and practices. The kinks are worked out at this point and there should be a substantial number of postings online regarding customer experiences with that company.

Are they regulated?

As more brokers continue to appear, the ones who have been around for a few years are quickly realizing that a good way to differentiate themselves is to seek a regulation status from one regulatory body or another. If a broker is regulated, they are going to make sure you know about it as they will consider this one of their top benefits. A simple two minute live chat with a broker will let you know if they are regulated, not regulated or in the process of acquiring a license.

How many assets do they offer?

The financial markets are all about diversity. There are countless companies, currencies, bonds, forex, options and so on that can be traded. Binary Options should be no different. You will have a better chance at finding an asset that interests you if you choose a broker that offers a large asset list over one who doesn't. Again, a simple chat with the broker will give you an idea of what they offer and what they don't.

The Point of all this

The whole point of this little rant is to let you know that only 'you' can decide who is the best binary options broker. It's about personal choice and what appeals to you and what doesn't. You can read more about binary options and the industry and learn a little bit before you just go diving into the unknown or you can register blindly and hope for the best. Take a look at our external blog for instance. There are tons of resources out there, it's just about taking a few moments to browse through them.