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Pfizer May Get Extension On Lipitor Patent

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEnew york city, New York, United States of America ( July 26, 2011 --Pfizer May Get Extension On Lipitor Patent. The FDA is considering an Extention Of Pfizer's Blockbustor Drug. A SourceClose To AP Who is Being Tight Lipped is reporting. More News on This Subject will be released on August 2, 2011.Both the United States and the European Union offer six-month patent extensions as an incentive for drug companies to conduct safety and effectiveness tests of their products in children, which is not required by law. Based on Pfizer's tests of Lipitor in children, the United States has already granted such an extension and the European Union is expected to follow suit.Lipitor pulled in nearly $13 billion for Pfizer in 2009 alone, accounting for 23 percent of the company's sales income. The patent on the drug is due to expire at the end of November 2011, which has set the company scrambling for ways to increase Lipitor sales before then. A six-month extension alone could bring the company hundreds of millions of dollars.