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Announcement On Seeking Alpha Of Obama Speech Brings Gun Weirdos Out Of The Closet

|Includes: American Outdoor Brands Corporation (AOBC), RGR

As I know from personal experience, no topic more reliably incites the most flamboyantly extreme and primitive minds of the nation than gun violence. Even on Seeking Alpha.

A few heartwarming examples from the news feed post this morning that suggests SA members keep an eye on the impact on gun stocks of the Obama speech on terrorism and San Bernadino.

  • I just moved down to Georgia from NY to escape the communist insanity.
  • It's time for tougher gun laws. It's about time we made it mandatory that every citizen be armed and take training courses on how to use their weapon and defend themselves. A few weeks of natural selection and we will be on our way.
  • So, maybe Barry Obama-Rama will lecture us again about racist cops, or how the cops acted stupidly in this latest shooting incident. "Police lives really do matter."
  • FYI - I joined the NRA as a protest yesterday! The rhetoric from Harry Pelosi & Nancy Reid made it so easy. How about we ban pork-fried donuts as it has been proven in various well-funded studies that this type of donut is an affront to certain groups and results in radicalized behavior.
  • Only pundits and political types will waste Sunday night watching this abject failure flap his lips.
  • Obama wants to bring how many Muslim "refugees" to the US. What does their religion preach about us infidels? Why does he want to disarm American citizens? Come on people open your eyes.
  • The people of this country must own suitable weapons that an individual could use to challenge the government. How many of you have witnessed the result of a disarmed populace being ruled by those with arms? It's horrible. Our privately owned firearms provide freedom with a moat. It prevents our elected officials from having absolute power. If you think removing firearms from the hands of Americans will keep you safer you don't deserve the freedom that firearms gives you everyday.
  • One thing that has not been mentioned, but is of concern to me is the prison population here in the usa being exposed to some of the Islamic proselytizing. That has got to stop.
  • I find it odd that the people most agreeable to gun "reform" are the ones who live in the most dangerous parts of the country. I can tell you that in the area of the South that I live in, there are no gun fights, no one breaks into your house at night, no mass murders. The reason may be that everyone owns guns. Most own lots of guns. You would have to be suicidal to walk into a theater here and start shooting. It would not be like Paris. "Assault Weapon" or not, it would not be a situation where there would be time to change magazines, and continue the carnage. After the first shot, an otherwise peaceful, safety minded gun carrier will be shooting back. I can't think of a better deterrent.

As one might expect, most of the comments are from older white males from the South - a troubling reality on Seeking Alpha is the over-representation of this demographic among its membership (compared to women and minorities, in particular).

Perhaps not surprisingly, given the political angle of the comments, the thread also contains virtually no mention of gun company stocks. However, it is worth mention that Smith & Wesson (SWHC) stock is up 342.7% since the 2008 election. Sturm Ruger (NYSE:RGR) stock is up 645.1% in the same time frame. President Obama has been the gun industry's best friend, and gun companies must surely hope that a Democrat follows Obama into the White House in 2016.

Disclosure: I/we have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.