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Is new battery technology coming this fall ?

Rumor has it that three battery technology/manufacturing companies (ABAT, ENS, ALTI) and are looking to release new automobile battery technology into the market this fall.   This new battery technology uses nano-structured cathodes to allow for dramatically faster charging and discharging without sacrificing energy storage capacity.

This new technology allows for extremely fast charging and discharging at rates of 600C for lithium-ion and 1,000C for NiMH batteries.  This means normal lithium-ion batteries could be recharged to 95 percent in under 5 minutes.

An inside source at ABAT and ALTI say they could have the new batteries to market by the start of the 4th quarter.   Both companies are targeting small electric vehicles; This could mean longer trips and shorter stops for electric car owners.

Updates regarding this development are forthcoming ..