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bought some AT and SDRL

Decided to buy some Atlantic Power (NYSE:AT) and SeaDrill (NYSE:SDRL) today.
200 AT, based upon info from Todd Johnson and some of my own investigation, this looks to me to be a good MONTHLY dividend generator.  The Yield is about 7.4% which looks good to me.  I bought this one into my IRA and it will be acquired for a period of time through my Sharebuilder account.

Also decided to buy 100 Seadrill.  This was based upon a slew of articles I've found recently  In short, there seems to be a lot of really good things stated about this company, and based upon my own research, it has been confirmed to meet my requirements.  They pay a quarterly div with a yield of 9.2%, or .75 per share/quarter.  I bought this one through my brokerage account.

A while back I bought some DMND at $72, strictly as a growth strategy, though it does pay a small div (so much the better).  Due to their acquisition of Pringles from PG, and their excellent management, their share price is now about $92, they are projecting more growth for the 4 quarter results, so if you have the cash, get some!