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Options and some new equities to study

|Includes: Apollo Investment (AINV), GOV

Came across some interesting equities recently, put them on my radar:  AINV, GOV.  Great yields!

Trying to learn Options trading.  Am in the process of modifying my brokerage account to accomodate Options.  I originally set up for level 1, Covered Calls.  But soon discovered I needed to do more.  so trying to get that done.  Apparently Etrade is cautions about letting you do trade Options, they want to review your app, and make sure you are up to it. I appreciate this, my only ever Options trades were in 2004, where I went to an options house, invested $5K, and came out with $1K.

It was suggested I get a couple books, one in particular is very easy to read, it's called "The Options Playbook" (should have been called "Options for Dummies").  As I said, it is very easy to read, as clear as it can be on a topic that is difficult to understand.

I'm determined to get my head around this! but it is hard.  As I read today, if it was easy, we'd all be billionaires.  So keep trying!

In the meantime, I have lots of high dividend equities (if you really want to know what they all are, just ask).
some produce monthly payments, others quarterly.  I've spent a lot of time in Excel, trying to find ways to slice and dice it all so as to find out how things work the best.  My latest table shows a month of days (columns) and which equity pays how much on a particular day.
This is really 4 tables in one, the monthly payouts, holdings that pay out in January, April, July, October, then February, May, etc, and finally March...

I've stacked all these for just my brokerage account, Monthly I see about $700.  the other groups of months produce anywhere between $500 to $1000 (rotating through the months).

So this table is good to produce if you are trying to create your own "Personal Pension"  and see how things pay out.  All important is the ends of the month, since some pay on the first of the month and others pay at the other end, so you can see the double dip.

Does anyone else read this?  if so, send me a note please.