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Will Trump Get A Second Chance From Clinton's Hacked Emails?


Donald Trump's campaign is on the ropes.

What is the next email bombshell to be released before the election?

Can Trump repair damage from callous remarks about American muslim soldiers son?

There are still a lot of questions that remain regarding Hillary Clinton's hacked emails recently released on wikileaks. She is doing a heck of a job deflecting the heat on all fronts.

Blaming the Russians worked well during the Democratic convention. How she gets a pass on so many blunders baffles my mind until I see Trump shooting himself in the foot again and again.

To be clear; I am an independent and am frankly saddened by our choice for President. With all the brilliant people in our nation one would think we could do a little better then the current choices for both parties.

In my opinion Bernie Sanders betrayed all of his supporters by folding at the precise time when his loyal followers needed him most. I truly believe he could have possibly stolen the nomination right out from under Mrs. Clinton by calling her out on exactly what he was preaching through the whole campaign. He had the perfect opportunity with the head of the DNC resigning on the opening day! What a convention that would have been.

I believe that will go down as one of the best missed opportunities in a political dog fight that he could have won. He betrayed his principals and laid down at the feet of Hillary and the corruption surrounding her campaign, not to mention the fiasco with the attorney general meeting Clinton on the tarmac. Bernie just did not want it enough to do what it takes to win.

How this type of corruption can get by the Amercan people without a revolt is truly beyond my comprehension. Nixon resigned his Presidency for less. Wow. It is truly amazing how complacent Americans have become.

The majority of American people are giving Hillary and Bill Clinton a pass on everything; from totally inappropriate meetings with the Attorney General, to the head of the FBI giving unwanted legal counsel to the world in a press conference.

Bill Clinton is resisting handing over documents to the authorities showing meetings and payments to their foundation, and yet no real backlash.

One has to wonder: Does Trump have a chance?

The way he handled the whole situation with the fallen American Mulsim soldier made me take a step back and say Wow! Couldn't a man of your stature and wealth and success handle that with some grace and compassion? I believe that one move alone cost him 6% in the polls.

The stock market seems to be making new highs every week, the S&P 500 (NYSE:SPY)just made a new all time high, rates are low and unemployment looks good on the surface. This is how things are set up for the election year.

The market is looking like it wants to go higher but as you can see from the chart above, a global shock or terrorist attack could give way to a huge stock market drop; 30% or more in an instant.

A Hillary Clinton victory is looking more and more like a socialistic type of government. Will that be good or bad for Biotechnology (NASDAQ:IBB)? Hillary states she wants to go after drug prices, will that create new regulations for drug makers.


Solar companies like First Solar (NASDAQ:FSLR) may fare well as it seems Clinton would like a solar panel on every household in America.

Coal companies may continue face serious headwinds as she has been no friend to the Coal miners. On the flip side Mr. Trump would be a positive for the miners.

None of this really matters that much in the end because we have three branches of government that keep each other in check and frankly, they are all a mess.

How we collect so much in tax only to turn around and waste the majority of it is mind boggling to a whole nation.

The biggest scam in our country

Healthcare in my opinion is the biggest bubble and scam in our nation. I recently had skin cancer and the cost of the surgeries is beyond absurd.

My wife is a nurse and I am covered through her Anthem health care. We pay about $560 a month for coverage, on the flip side my brother who is well off but doesn't claim that much on taxes due to the many rental properties he owns pays just $3 dollars a month in premiums, this is for his wife and daughter, a family policy. Ours only covers the wife and I.

I asked my doctor how much the surgery would cost to remove 3 cancerous moles through a MOSE procedure. He was not sure but quoted around $1500 to $2500. When I got the first bill I questioned why the charges were the way they were and it was as if no one ever questions anything in their bill. The doctor fankly did not know how to communicate the inflated bill other to say that his own health care premiums caused his expenses to be too high.

Long story short 3 moles removed, one on the face two on the back and the bill is around $13,000 of which I have to pay around $2400 out of pocket. I have not been sick in years take no meds and this is what we have to pay. (Ridiculous)

These are the issues that must be fixed in our country. Doctors are charging way too much for everything and the insurance companies are sticking it to the people.

Possible Bombshell to help Trump

I get the feeling that Trump is somehow still now out of the running. Lets be clear the odds are now against him, however if Wikileaks comes out with some more leaked emails that involve her in a serious scandal then momentum could turn in an instant.

This election year is unlike any I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. The future of our country hangs in the balance and I frankly don't have any idea what will happen in the next 90 days to stop Hillary Clinton from the Presidency except an unexpected scandalous bombshell that could be released at any point in the before the election.

One thing for sure, Trump will not fold like Bernie Sanders, if he gets the opportunity which he might, the election results could be the surprise of century.

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