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West Virginia Senate Race Is A Portent

Shelley Moore Capito's run for the Senate seat from West Virginia is about more than giving Republicans an additional seat in the senate. It is even more than a dress rehearsal for the presidential election of 2016. It is the blueprint for Republican hegemony over the decades required to restore the nation.

Shelley has big plans for coal and has no fear of the environmental lobby. West Virginians like the fact that increasing coal production is her top priority. Mitt Romney carried all 55 West Virginia counties in 2012. Don't be surprised if Shelley matches Mitt's victory margin in November.

Coal means jobs for West Virginians, lots of high paying jobs (mine foremen can make $120,000 a year).

Here is the real meaning of the 2014 West Virginia senate race: Shelley's stump speech will work in every state. All states need jobs and they all need lower cost energy.

President Obama's energy policy aimed at "making electricity rates skyrocket" has become a vote changer in every county in the nation.

Coal means that real median family incomes can start growing again and that the nation can pay down debt owed to other countries. Coal means that a lasting economic expansion can begin.

Finally, coal means that the US no longer imports oil from countries that fund our enemies. Coal is our new military. It puts us in a 21st century economic war against terrorism that we will win.