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BFRE.OB Bluefire Renewable signs a Deal with Chinas Largest Utility Company

|Includes: ADM, BFRE, DIG, DUK, ES, iShares China Large-Cap ETF (FXI), GE, USO, WM
Why would Waste Management NOT buy BFRE who has been on CNN and the CEO Arnold Klann has the technology to build a refinery and turn garbage into Ethanol. Then if they had have a brain GE should have already bought BFRE which was once 3000 dollars per share and they are already producing ethanol and building a refinery that is even ran Green because 70% of the refineries energy would come from natural methan from the ground. Our American Corporations are so focused on China they forgot that America still has innovation for NOW. If you turn garbage into ethanol that can be converted to jet grade Biofuel which is what this company can do, what are they waiting for? These CEOs themselves lack innovation, they have their polished resume and once again pinch pennies for the next quarter than rather looking long term. It's great that they drop garbage off on trains to make clothes but they can cut their trucking costs down and make even more money on top of money. I cannot understand there is a company that can turn garbage into biofuels in a clean way running off clean technology. Last time I wrote about Rentech RTK the stock doubled. This Bluefire Renewables dwarfs that and many of these small companies have great and PROVEN technologies undiscovered and lack of capital! Do you really think these CEOs look? Jeff Immelt at GE can do great things but their board needs to bring new things back to life. Immelt is one to go with the amount of money he has lost in shareholder value is in the TRILLIONS. He could not care less and his last TV interview I was shocked at what he was saying. If Eisenhower was President he would be a Communist. Now he is our jobs Czar. The biggest outsourced job creator is what he is and thinks he has no obligation to invest in America. People need to read Thomas Friedman's last 2 books the world is flat and that use to be us referring to China. We are doing NOTHING in Renewables. Not even close to what we should be doing. Thomas Friedman explains about how much American Innovation is out there and these CEOs only care about giving our technology and innovations to China and we pay them to do it fir short term quarterly earnings with no long term outlook what so EVER! What happens when China no longer need us? Do you really think they are going to care? They are 1/2 the size of our Economy and so far they CUT Rare Earth Exports, They have stolen and are Stealing Intellectual Property Rights, Piracy, NO majority ownerships in any of the joint ventures they have with ALL of Corporate America that max is 49% That's Right! they are the largest holders of our debt, they get the BEST technology between what the U.S. And the EU gives them to produce. There will come a day they will no longer need to hold our debt and they have already started dumping Japan's debt. They are buying Gold in Record numbers and are setting the stage to eventually become the worlds largest economy. We will be competing with their companies and the day will come, Thomas Friedman said it best, whoever leads in Renewable Energies will have the 21st Century. We have companies that turn garbage into Renewable energy in Biofuels and Ethanol like the Movie Back To The Future yet We do NOTHING. The CEO of Bluefire which trades as a penny stock now has been on CNN TWICE! The scary thing this is only ONE Example!!! There are SO many others and China even got to some of them first to grab technology. Case in point HEV. China took there tech and spit them out with cutting edge Battery Technology and Nanotechnology. With OUR American Corporations that grew during Americas Industrial Revolution and these AMERICAN Companies that have TRILLIONS on the sidelines what are we waiting for? Until we fundamentally fix our problems here at home nothing will change. We have had the same policies with low taxes with all these Hollywood Analysts and Hosts on CNBC and look where we are! Unemployment is beyond DISGRACEFUL, we have a Divided House in Politics which is No House at all which is ALL being swayed by Corporate Interest who are the ones that dictate Policy and is leading to more and more Social Unrest. Im tired of hearing "Uncertainty" which goes back to the cant cant cant be done attitude that seems to be our new environment and NO Leadership, No Plan in Sights. The one thing that is Certain is Corprations Need MORALS which they lack and they would do very well long term as that day will come where China will be selling the same product and service that we pay them to d for NOW but they will be 1/2 the price and more efficient. If your ignorant to think that will not happen then you were the same person who laughed when Japan first came out with the Honda Accord, now there make cars that rival Mercedes. America needs a REAL GAME CHANGER. In 1936 we built The Hoover Dam which now produces over 4 BILLIONkw of electricity a year. Over 70 years later and a QUANTUM LEAP in technology between Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Hydropwer etc forget a jobs plan. We have rotting infrastructure. Congress refuses everything. We need A National Smart Grid Infrastructure Plan for the Security of our Nation and our childrens Future. Either Way - THE STATUS QUO HAS TO GO!