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We have had the GREATEST transfer of Wealth in History. What is missing is the Goliath China. Our American Corporations including AAPL RTN GE and many others have given up their most precious Commodity which is their Intellectual Property.
China is far more advanced than people think and you can look up every word I say that last year they hacked into 10 of our largest Oil and Gas Companies for Exploration. They recently hacked into the U.S Chamber of Commerce among many other government institutions and some of Americas Largest Corporations.
It's ironic that they know our every move and counter it with precision.
They have formed Currency pacts with Japan, Russia, Brazil and the U.K.
More will follow as they see the disarray from our corrupted government and corporate lobbyists who own our politicians for a penny on the dollar. This has SEVERE consequences.
What happens when America wakes up and the front page of The Wall Street Journal or The Times or any newspaper that America and the USD is NO LONGER The World Reserve Currency.
You can see 10 dollars at the pump or for bread. I do not believe in the doomsday but if we do no clean up our own backyard then our children and their future along with our quality of life which is diminishing before our eyes.
Now the media says renting is not bad so the savings rate has gone down. Asset class of real estate was the biggest creator of wealth in the U.S. NOT overnight but over the long term.
Try and get a loan. Small business average life cycle is 18 months.
There has been on the average roughly 800 regulations EVERY YEAR for the last 20 years.
This all adds up and to see a market like this which I believe will correct. You can look at my stock recs and I was talking about the TVIX 2 weeks ago as we will start to see the market volatility increase again.
I think American Corporations that have CEOs who pinch pennies for their quarterly earnings with NO accountability and with no real GRASS ROOTS growth here at home the Country is rotting and they have a MORAL obligation to invest back home. If the founders of these corporations were still alive most of them would be fired.
President Eisenhower warned about this in his outgoing speech. He's the only General to serve President of the 20th Century and created the word "The Industrial Military Complex". He warned that we should never let Corporate Interest Sway our Political Views as a Nation as for it would be our demise.
Look where we are now and China is drilling Oil in Afghanistan so as the geopolitical landscape changes and as countries loose faith in the USD dollar as we were downgraded again today on top of which PetroChina is now larger than Exxon.
We handed them our technology along with the EU so they have the BEST of both worlds.
China has more internet and mobile users than we have in our population.
What happens when China no longer needs to rely on the U.S. And maybe they dump our debt then what? CHECKMATE
Yes, China is now the second largest holder of Gold and they are the number one gold miners.
This year in June of 2012 China opens their own Precious Metals Exchange so they can buy PMs in their own Currency. This is part of their plan as they have been very open about being The World Reserve Currency. Then what?

Disclosure: I am long GE, GRT, HL, BAC, IAU, GLD, SLV, AGQ, PHYS, SIVR.

Additional disclosure: The market has had one of the greatest rallies on some of the lightest volume ever seen. Corporate Profits move markets. Our American Corporations doing business in China may witness The Law of Diminishing Returns. The companies that have been making our products may turn to become our biggest competitors and start to take away market share. If you take away market share you take away earnings.